This is a sci-fi story which I wrote in my broken naive English, back in summer holidays of 2016, inspired from my favorite sci-fi movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Avengers, Prometheus & Arrival. Enjoy!!

Chapter 1: Flying Fish

The story starts from a planet called “Typhon”, lying somewhere in another Universe. This galaxy was near to a White hole compared to Earth. (After billions of years, Black hole is converted into White hole that emits Energy continuously.)

People of that planet are unlike Humankind. They can get food or energy from their sun called “Tipo” if they want. Tipo is a White hole. This universe came into existence around 14.3 billion years ago(compared to 13.8 billion years of our universe).

Population of this planet is very low compared to our Earth. They take sulfur as their living gas. As Humans take Oxygen. They can also take Selenium or Tellurium. They need a very low amount of these gases and can live till a long time of shortage of it. Gravity of Typhon is half as compared to Earth.

By chance they have the same time units as us. Like the year is “Yore”, the month is “Minz”. Day is “Dye”, hour is “Hore”. The Rate of Time of that galaxy is very much slow as compared to our galaxy, nearly like: their 1 Hour (1 Hore) is our 1 day.

They have their own language called “Pamula”. Pamula is like our English language. They are far more away from our Technology age. They can understand all languages of any type of living creature. They have a converter, which translates that unknown language to their known language “Pamula”.

They have four different types of peoples, called “Nithon”, “Astin”, “Quona” and “Zabuta”. Let’s understand their levels and works in their society.

Nithon are their Kings. They are like Lords of that planet. Astin type people invent new things. Quona type peoples do farming type works, and Zabuta type peoples are fighters of that planet. Zabuta had saved that planet many times from attackers of other planets or other Universes.

Lets overview their Lords, Nithon. Nithon or Lords have their weapons for their safety, called “weNithon”. All Nithons have this weapon. Astins make this weapon such that only it’s true owner can use this weapon, others can’t. If any new son born from Lord’s wife Astins creates a new weNithon for him. They always wear a locket on their neck. Something like this…

In this locket, Triangle is for safety, Vertical line is for weNithon, and Circle is for new Inventions.

Story begins when a son of Nithon takes his first breath on Typhon. They give their name to the new little Nithon as “Hikon”. Older Nithons provide a tutor named “Inize” to little Hikon.

Hikon becomes smarter & stronger everyday with the help of Inize. Inize was from Neptune-(A planet of solar system or Universe in which Earth is Member. )

After long time, Hikon is now 17 years old. He knows all arts of fighting & managing kingdoms. Now he is able to manage his father’s kingdom called “Xappa”. At the age of 21 he will able to manage kingdom by law.

Once Hikon sat with his teacher Inize. Inize was teaching about other galaxies. (Here are some conversations in English.) Suddenly Hikon asks him “What is your galaxy?” But Inize was not able to tell the true answer to him because Nithons bane him to tell anything about his solar system. But he told him the true answer.

Hikon sees his way to answer. He doubts that there is any resistance to tell the true answer to him. Hikon asks “Inize, now we are more than a teacher-student relationship. We are now friends. So, tell me, why were you hesitating while giving an answer?”

After some time Inize tells him “Long time ago a war happened b/w us and people from my solar system….” Hikon stops him “No, peoples of your planet can not war with us. Because they are far behind us in Technology. Surely there are other creatures that fight with us… ” Inize nodded and said “Yes, you are right, my friend. They are Humankind. Creatures from Earth. Earth is another planet from my solar system.”

Hikon asks him “Is there any strange fact about that war? Because there are many wars that our Zabuta people fight with others”.

Inize said “This is the only war in which our Zabuta loses in our whole History.” Hikon very surprisingly asked “Zabuta? And lose? Can Zabuta be defeated by others? Surely there is some mistake from you.” Inize told “No, my dear, this is bitter truth. Zabuta have only one loss in their history. Against Humankind..” Hikon stops him and says “But how..? How can Zabuta be defeated by others?

They have very advanced weapons developed by Astins. Is Zabuta not bringing his weapons in that war?!!” Inize says “No, they bring. But insidious Humankind breaks the rules of wars developed by the Committee of War. These rules are the same & constant for living creatures, whether it belongs to any galaxy. ”

Hikon decided to go to the Earth. Anyway he successfully persuades Inize to go with him.

Hikon went to Earth with Inize to see how creatures of Earth live. After viewing a picture of Earth from a distance, Hikon felt very excited. His tool called “Tiona” told him about Earth. Taking steps was difficult for them because they were used to their Gravity. But somehow they managed it. Hikon feels very strange by viewing Humans locality & their Democracy system. Hikon liked Earth very much after viewing the nature & system of Earth. He could not trust that creatures of this planet break the rules of war & win against us.

After some time now, Hikon & Inize feel hungry. So, they have to charge their body with something. Because they can’t charge their bodies with our Sun. So, they stop their journey near Africa forest. They saw our creatures like Elephant, Lion, Dear….After viewing Elephant Hikon said “This creature is like our “Zabuki”, second most found creature on our Typhon!” Hikon & Inize were very happy. They fed themselves by the roots of trees. Hikon saw a Rabbit. He really liked it. He gave some food to it. Hikon & Inize play some time with it. Hikon really wanted to take it to their planet Typhon. They were reverted around Africa forest. But their bad luck that one of our humans saw them, & starts yelling after viewing these two aliens. In a few minutes these two strange creatures were surrounded by humans(They were local peoples of the forest).

Both are now scared. Humans started to attack them with rocks & sticks. They can’t go to their Typhon without a tool called “Oppe”, which was lost by Hikon a few hours ago, when a big storm came.

Hikon created a shield using weNithon. So, both now feel safe. One intelligent human called the department of forest. But for some reason the rescue team was not available. But one of the officers of the forest department calls an American spy agency located at Cape Town, at the foreign department of Africa.

Here at the Typhon, Hikon’s mother did not see her son till 1:30 Hore. So, she told her husband, the lord of that kingdom, about this.

After some hours, the agency came & saw these two strange creatures. Agency was sure that these two are not from their planet. They rapidly make a valuable decision for them. And call the American Government about these two creatures (Aliens). Hikon spent that night anyway against them though he & Inize feel very hungry.

Next day, a big team from the Pentagon (famous U. S. Defense unit) came to that place. By viewing many humans staring at him Hikon felt very unsafe, & he again started use of weNithon. He made some people blind with help of it. Inize can’t do anything. In answer, humans also attack them, but with the help of shields, Hikon & Inize save their lives. Hikon also attacks on them by weNithon & kills two humans. So, team members also attack on them very strongly but they can’t hurt them, till Hikon has weNithon. So, team members stop attacking.

At night Hikon & Inize have to take some rest & charge their body. So, Hikon removed the shield, & took a rest. And Inize went for food. Also by the rules of war no one can attack during night. But because of tiredness, Hikon forgot that Humans do not obey any rules. One of the team members showed that they removed the shield. So, he quickly shot a beam of U.V. Rays on them which contain very high energy. That makes Hikon lame. He runs towards them and grabs the weapon (weNithon) & Hikon. But he can’t use it. Because it can be used only by its true owner.

Now team members caught them. When Inize returned, humans also caught him. Here, at Typhon, Hikon‘s father is sure that Hikon was surely in that solar system in which Neptune is a group member. Because Hikon’s mother saw Hikon with Inize, when she saw Hikon last time. So, he took his weNithon & 7 Zabuta persons with him, & went towards his son, who is presently on Earth. Because now Hikon was missing for 2 hores (our 2 days).

After a few hours, with help of their latest technological instruments he found his son. He saw his son. He understood the situation & attacks on team members by his weNithon. One of the team members called the Pentagon to give some “Flying Fishes” to them. The Pentagon gave them the thing that they wanted. Officers of the Pentagon make alive some of “Flying Fishes”, which were kept deep in the of African sea, to attack on aliens. Flying Fish is like our Airplanes, but it can start flying from the water & can stop their journey on the water.

Next day, the defense team starts to attack the aliens again. But all tries failed against Hikon’s father’s weNithon. So, anyhow they take aliens to the seashore, so that they can use “Flying Fish” against them.

After reaching at desired place, Main commander ordered that “Attack, Flying Fishes….” Hikon’s father heard the word “Flying Fish”. With the help of converter he can know the meaning of the beautiful word! He really likes the word!! He said “What a word…Flying Fish!”. Hikon’s father like the new Flying Fishes, because they have same shape as their weapon called “Jippa”. But he have to make it disable because it were against himself. Hikon’s father very clearly made them disable after some tries. As he liked them he did not broke it, only he make some “short circuits” to disable them.

Hikon’s father & Zabuta peoples know the nature of Humans as they have past experience. So, they fight against them very carefully & strongly.

At the evening Hikon’s father successfully make disable all instruments of humans, and saved the precious life of both, Hikon & Inize. Hikon’s father has “Oppe”. So, they all successfully reached Typhon.

Hikon & Inize apologized their lord for their mistake. And Lord (Hikon’s father) forgives them. But Hikon was still eager to know more about Humankind. He decided that after he will become Lord of his father’s kingdom called “Xappa”, he will surely go to the Earth again to know more about Humans & meet that cute rabbit!

Chapter 2: Barking Ball

Now, Hikon is 21 yores(their year). And now he is able to become the Lord of Xappa. His father said to him in their language that “My dear, now I put a great Responsibility on your shoulders. You have to protect this kingdom & this planet till your last breaths. ” Hikon took a vow that his father asked him and now he became the lord of that country.

After some days his desire to go to the Earth becomes stronger. Hikon ordered Astins to make a tool that can communicate with Humans. After some dyes(their day) Astins invented that tool named “Katapi”. Previous tool was only able to understand what human talks. But now they can communicate. Everything was going right in his country. So, he thought that that was the best time to go to Earth. Meet that little rabbit!

He and one of his best friends named “Somin” make a plan to go to the Earth. Somin was from Quona type people.

At the decided dye (their day) they started their Journey. After a few hours, via “Wormhole”, they came to the Earth. Somin also liked the view of Earth from distance. Hikon feel strange by viewing the view of Earth at distance. Because it was not that Earth view what he saw before 4 yores. Hikon confirmed that it was surely Earth or not, by his Tiona tool. He thought that Let see what happens to his dear Earth.

After reaching Earth, Hikon saw that it was a completely different Earth than he saw before 4 yores. After a few hours he was able to know that problems named “Pollution” and “Global Warming” caused that harm of view. He analyzes that peoples of Earth called Humans are also different. He thought that the above two problems also harm the Humans also. He was right.

He tried to find that rabbit but he failed every time. He saw Humans crying on the road. Now Hikon decided to bring Earth the view which he saw 4 yores. So, by his tools, and with the very much help of his Quona friend Somin he lowered the percentage of Carbon Dioxide. Because he found this named gas causes these major problems.

In a few days Earth became as clean as he saw before. He and Somin were very happy after viewing a completely new picture of Earth. Scientists of Earth are very surprised about this happening. He fools normal people or normal Humans that a Comet came & brings CO2 with it. Humans also believed them too!!

Now Hikon and Somin started their journey. They start from Afghanistan. And travel towards the east. After visiting Arab countries and Pakistan they came to India.

First part they saw of India was Gujarat. He got continually information from his tool -Tiona. One thing that really amazed them is India’s population. They feel that in this kind of environment how these Humans are alive? So, they decided to stay some days in Gujarat.

They stay in Gujarat in the uniform of soldiers, because Hikon knows that if these Humans see in their dress, They will be scared & may have a second war b/w them. Also, a soldier’s dress covers all parts of the body. So, Humans can’t see his body parts too.

They spent their first night in India in white desert of Kutch. Now, they have no problem with food. Because Astins had invented a technique of “Teleport”. So, people from Typhon regularly send food to their Lord.

Next morning, they start their journey. First people they meet of Gujarat were a saint. He wears orange clothes. Now they were able to talk with humans with the help of Katapi. First word they talk with any Human was “God”. Because they met saint as their first Human.

Hikon hears this “God” word many times. So, he thought that the concept of God was very deep in India. He was eager to know about God. Translator gave the word “Lord” to a similar word of “God”, when Hikon asked it. Now Hikon was able to understand he was one of the Gods of their planet –Typhon!.

They met many types of people in Gujarat. Peoples gave them honor as they were in the dress of a Soldier.

Once they saw a lying people on a layer of wood & cotton. Humans around him were crying very loudly. He found after some time that that person was dead. Hikon feel very very strange. He really not understood Why humans are dead? Is there not any tool or factor that prevent death from Humans? Because on Typhon, people can die only after his or her own desire. Noone can take his or her life.

Hikon still didn’t understand the “Concept of Death”. Hikon thought that the Origin of Humans can give answers to all Questions. Because Humans also don’t know about their Originate he ordered the Astins to find the Originate of Humans & told them to give an answer in 1/2 dyes (their days). So, Now Hikon has to wait 12 days on Earth to get an answer. Because time on Earth was faster than Typhon.

Next day, Hikon meets a Student from a well known College. His name was “Parth”. He was very sad. At first the student scars from those two soldiers. But after he managed it. Hikon asks him the reason for his sadness. Student answered “Today I failed in my final exam last year. I really don’t want to study in this Education system…” Parth was studying Medical stream. Hikon gives sympathy to him & talks with him for hours.

Parth was living with an engineer at his room. Two bed was empty. So, he gave place to these two soldiers in his room. Now they became “Roommates”. After some days Hikon asked Parth about his reality. Parth was very scared & feel strange but after Hikon’s sympathy he became a true friend of the creature of Typhon.

They usually play with a Ball, which sounds like dogs barking when it hits something. Parth calls this ball the “Barking Ball”. Hikon & Somin liked the word “Barking Ball’’ very much, and played with it too.

Parth usually started to talk about the faulty Education System of India and Gujarat. Hikon wanted to remove this faulty Education System but he can’t.

Hikon sent Information about “Hindu Sanskriti” with the help of Parth to the Astins. Astins are now able to continue their research about the Originate of Humans.

Now, they have to leave Gujarat. Because they want to visit more parts of India.

Parth gave a warm goodbye to both of them from Gujarat. Hikon & Somin left Gujarat. Now they are in Maharashtra, and they continue their journey.

Chapter 3: Into the Unknown

Hikon and Gubin are in Maharashtra. They visited Bombay. They liked the people of Bombay, as they work 14 to 15 hours in a day. They felt like in Bombay, people never sleep. At night you surely feel like a day. At last they left Maharashtra.

(After visiting the south region of India.) They go towards the East. People of the East are poor compared to the West. Hikon feels strange that one part of the country is wealthy and the other is poor? Isn’t that the fault of the Kings of India (Indian Government)?

Then they go towards the North. He visited Delhi, Ayodhya, Kashmir, Haryana….Hikon took bath in the holy rivers “Ganga” & “Yamuna”.

They get many experiences of different kinds. They feel very much excitement in their whole journey. They meet many people during their whole journey. But no one was as good as a “Gujarati”. So, Hikon was very eager to meet Parth again.

After they reach Gujarat, Hikon meets Parth. Both were very happy, as both of them met each other after about two years.

Parth then introduced his two new friends named “Simahi” & “Gubin”. Parth doesn’t know the truth behind these two. But Hikon knows.

Simahi is from planet “Hipaza”. The group which she belongs was known for their bad thoughts and cruel mentality. She is from “Bithions”. And Gubin is from Neptune, same planet from which Inize belongs.

Simahi was a poor laborer of Hipaza. She knows English very well. She was the same age as Hikon. But she was very intelligent. She can do whatever she wants. Hikon was searching for the kind of lady who can beat a man. So, he was interested in Simahi. Creatures of Hipaza were very insidious. But Simahi was not one of them by mentality. She likes Digital world of Earth. She likes Hacking, Artificial Intelligence and other Technological things of Earth. So, she came to Earth.

Gubin was from Neptune. Neptune is far behind in Technology as compared to Typhon, Hipaza and Earth. So, he was like a small kid among Parth, Hikon and Simahi.

They spent some days with each other. All of them know about History and Technologies of planets of each other’s planets. Hikon and Somin (his Quona friend) were very happy as they both like to know about “Extra Terrestrials (ETs)”.

Hikon received a message as a king from Typhon, he knew about a small attack of Bithions on Typhon. Zabutas killed all Bithions on Typhon. Simahi also received a message from his mother about the same thing. So, both of them have to go to their motherland. Gubin also went to Neptune. So, now Parth was friendless!!

After reaching Typhon via Wormhole, Hikon knew that 61 of Zabutas were seriously injured. But they killed 143 Bithions. So, Hikon gave honor to all of them. Hikon was very serious about this attack. At first he suspects that this is all about Simahi’s betrayals? But after some time he removed that suspect, as Simahi was very clean by Heart.

Hikon orders all Astins to stop their research and only work on this attack. Astins invented more Advanced Technological & effective weapons. Astins also invent that they can take shelter in the Black hole. As they invented a way to come out from Black hole. Now, Hikon’s gang can move their whole planet anywhere. As we can move our vehicles as per our desire. So, they can move Typhon into the Black hole & can come out too.

Here on Hipaza, Simahi was trying to stop the war b/w Typhon & Hipaza. But she was poor enough to be ignored by others. So, all attempts of Simahi failed. The King of Hipaza called “Fiziki” was very insidious. His dream was that he will be able to win all the planets where life takes breath, and become a Great King of History.

The war b/w Typhon & Hipaza was about to rise…..

Hikon knows that he can’t defeat Fiziki with only his army; Hikon must get help from other ETs to win over Fiziki. So, he started to find a helping hand. First he asked Parth to get help from Earth.

Parth went to the US and told the whole story to the American ET organization. As his uncle was in the US government. He helped Parth a lot. Firstly they don’t believe Parth, but Parth shows them accurate proofs of Hikon & Simahi. Officers of the Organization thought that if they took part in this, they could know more about technological instruments of ETs. And they can take a high jump in the ladder of Technological age. After all, war is all about Typhon & Hipaza. So, Earth isn’t in danger. So, Humankind was about to become a helping hand of Typhon.

So, now there are two groups, in one Typhon and Earth and in other Hipaza and his friend planets. Friend of Hipaza was not so, strong as Earth. So, Hikon requested Humans that they have to fight against friend planets of Hipaza. And he will fight against Hipaza itself.

Astins are now able to know about the “Three masteries stones”. These three are unique in the whole Milky Way. The group which has these three stones or one or two of them, can beat anyone who doesn’t have the stones.

Astins show the pictures and details of these three stones to Hikon.

First stone is “Green-king” , the second is “Blackabon” and the third is “Blueish”. These are three unique elements of the milky way.

Green-king is a poisonous stone. It can kill the whole army with the help of his very dangerous Poison. Noone can break this poison with the help of any medicine or any other things.

Blackabon can create very big thunderstorms that can swallow a small planet too. It can create “perfect” 0 kelvin temprarure(-273.15 degree celsius) in very big area.

Third is Blueish. It can create big amount of heat. It can melt a great amount of anything at same time. It can create a temperature of degree 1010 Kelvin (in Human’s notation). But can’t melt Blackabon & Green-king. It’s only weakness is this.

Astins find Blueish on Uranus(neighbour of Neptune). Fiziki finds out Green-king from other Terrestrials. But no one could find Blackabon. “Where is Blackabon?” Is a big mystery.

Now, both parties are ready. Fiziki is in an attacking mood. & Hikon is in Defencive mood. & Humans are in the mood of getting more knowledge..! Fiziki know all weaknesses of Hikon, and their community. Hikon provides a great amount of Technological Instruments & weapons to Humans.

And the war begins…..

At first Humans attacks(as usual…!!) on enemies. Friends of Fiziki were week. So, Humans destroy them easily with “Atom bombs” and other powerful weapons which Hikon provides, in a few days. With the help of this, Humans know how they can travel to other galaxies via wormholes.

Here, Fiziki attacks on Typhon. As per the plan Fiziki first attacked Astins, as Astins are the most important persons of Hikon. Astins make new weapons. But without them Zabutas have to fight with old weapons. Zabutas strongly defends a very strong attack of Fiziki on Astins…

Hikon was very good at war & other related things with the help of his teacher “Inize”. So, at first he starts an attack on the army of Fiziki. Hikon always kept some Astins with him during the war. Hikon got a spark, He ordered them to make a very strong weapon with a combination of his weNithon & Blueish. Astins soon make a combination of weNithon & Blueish. Now, Hikon is very powerful.

Soon, Fiziki killed all Astins with the help of Green-king. Zabutas tried against Fiziki but they couldn’t do anything against Green-king. Fiziki killed Astins, it is like he cut the right hand of Hikon. Now Hikon has only a few Astins, which are with him.

Here Hikon killed almost half army of Fiziki, with the help of a new weapon which is “weNithon + Blueish”. Fiziki now came to Hikon.

Now the real war begins b/w Hikon & Fiziki….

Fiziki attacked first (like Humans..!). Hikon defended him very clearly. Fiziki committed many attacks but the only thing he got was Failure.

Fiziki demotivates Hikon by telling him… “Now, you can’t protect your weak children & grandchildren against me….I killed all the Astins…..Now, you can’t give new weNithons to your next generations…Hahaha….” Hikon was very shocked by hearing this. But things were not the worst, because Hikon had some Astin couples with him. Fiziki didn’t know anything about this. If Hikon will not protect these Astin couples, his future will surely be in danger. So, he ordered all Astins to go & find some shelter with Quonas.

Zabutas were fighting by heart, they didn’t have any fear of Death, as on Typhon any living creature can die only if he/she wants, but their magic can’t work against “Green-king”. So, Zabutas were dying continuously.

Now, Hikon has to do something creative to defeat Fiziki. So, Hikon ran towards Black hole. So, Fiziki also ran towards Hikon. As he wanted to kill him and win the Typhon.

Soon, Hikon reached a far away place. He ordered all Zabutas to come back. Zabutas understands Hikon’s message and they follow. As Zabutas leave the war place, Hikon makes a clear & clever use of the combined weapon. And melt the remaining half army in a single spark of combo weapon. So, every single soldier of Fiziki was now dead. But almost all Zabutas remained alive.

Fiziki also want to attack on Zabutas by Green-king, but Hikon was running very fast. So, he have to follow him, to kill him. Hikon knows that Fiziki will surely follow him. Hikon know that how can he come out from Black hole, but Fiziki doesn’t.

In a few hours Hikon reached the Black hole. He told Humans how anyone can come out from Black hole. So, few Humans also go with Hikon into the Black hole. Because Hikon needs some protection against Fiziki. Because Zabutas were far behind them.

Fiziki doesn’t know anything about Black holes. Because there are no Astin type researchers on Hipaza planet. So, for him, going into the Black hole, is like going “Into the Unknown”. But he kept following Hikon, he kept following his Dream… and finally went into the Black hole.

Now, Hikon, Fiziki and some Humans are in the Black hole. Hikon sees Time as a Dimension in the Black hole. He can feel Time as we feel other Dimensions. There are more dimensions too. Humans invented the “Morse Code”. In which only dash (-) and dot (.) is there.

Hikon knows that the “Gravity” of the Black hole is so high that it bends the “Time.” So, via this Hikon can do anything with Time. But Hikon forgot that his enemy, Fiziki, also can do anything with time.

Hikon told Fiziki “Now, you are a prisoner of this Black hole. You can’t get out of it. But I can. So, live your life in this Multi dimensional World, A world with “No Ending” for a creature who doesn’t know how he/she can get out of it. So, goodbye Fiziki…!”.

Now Hikon was free. He thanked Humans for their support, by heart. Humans now know the secrets of the Universe. Rate of time on Typhon is very slow as compared to Earth. So, those Humans who were with Hikon in Black hole now will see their grandchildren of the same age as they are on Earth.

That war remained for 213 years of Humans. But by this big sacrifice , Humans who came from Black hole, can move forward the level of Technology of Earth so high that we can’t imagine…

Here, Fiziki got a spark that he has “Time” in his hand. So, he can do whatever he wants. He had “Green-king” too.

The Typhoon was seriously damaged. Many of the Zabutas died. Almost all Astins are dead… But all Quona peoples and Nithons are alive. As Quona and Nithons were under the unbreakable protection of “Blueish”. Hikon ordered Astins to continue their research on “Originate of Humans”.

Now Humans create a good relationship b/w them and the creatures of Typhon. With the help of Hikon, Humans can now take big steps in Technology.

After some days Simahi comes to the Typhon, to meet the King of the land “Hikon”. They both memorize the past Golden memories. Simahi’s logical sentences impressed the king. And so, Hikon married Simahi. As he likes females who have the capacity to defeat man in Brain Power. Now they decide to take Parth and Gubin on Typhon.

So, they both start their journey, again towards the Earth. But this time, Together..!!

In upcoming chapters..

Hikon, Simahi and Gubin are on Earth. Now they can travel through other milky ways too. After some time Astins found the Blackabon in another Milky Way. And start trying to capture it.

Here Fiziki starts to do something with time. So, as a result, people of Typhon start to become younger and younger (Time starts to run in reverse direction). For Humans Time starts to go faster. So, humans start to become older and older. Older Astins become younger. So, they invented that there is only one thing that controls “Time” is “Gravity”.

So, if they can control the gravity of Black Hole, they can stop it. But by which way can they get control of a very big amount of “Gravity” of Black Hole??…