Hi! My name is Prashant Kikani.
I am a software engineer(machine learning) and hobbyist writer.

I love solving real-world problems which help people & make their life happier.

My goal is to make a +ve impact on millions of people's daily lives & to be hyper-optimistic about the future.

I have written a book "Demystifying Artificial Intelligence" which explains fundamental concepts of machine learning and deep learning in very simple & intuitive manner. You can find print copy of the book here & E-book here.

My interest & experience is in machine learning & deep learning(computer vision & NLP) fields. I also am active on Kaggle which is the world's largest data science community. I participate there to improve my skills & to share my learnings with others.

Here is my resume, in case you want to know more. I can be reached at prashant@kikani.in.