In the age of abundance, reputation is the ultimate currency.

It is most likely that technological and scientific advancement will continue at an exponential rate and at some point in the future, all of our basic needs(i.e. food, clothes, and shelter) will be satisfied without any effort from our side.

I just completed watching the “The Orville” science fiction television series, which makes a great point about this. The series claims that after a couple of hundred years when Humans have made the matter synthesizer, a tool that can make anything you want instantly, there will be no need for work.

Right now, in the 21st century, the entire world economy runs on capitalism. Meaning, that we trade the money for goods and services like food, houses, etc. In the future when you can print an infinite amount of money using the matter synthesizer, money will lose all of its value.

When all of our basic needs will be satisfied without any effort, what will humans do? That’s a very hard philosophical question to find an answer. In my opinion, space exploration will become the main activity of Humans on the planet Earth. So, the impact you have created in society, whether by contributing as a doctor or a musician, will be your currency. The higher your impact is, the higher your reputation.