Music and Engineering are the closest forms of Magic I can think of. Music has a tremendous amount of power on our psychology and behavior. Let’s discuss Music in this post.

We all have our lists of favorite songs, which we like to hear while traveling or working or in the gym. We all have a different taste of music - like rock music, hip-hop or funk music. But one clear fact is, we all like to hear our favorite songs and music.

Sometimes, music unlocks a source of energy in our mind. Some songs make us feel inspired and motivated to start working on something. It acts like a fuel to over body & mind.

Our favorite songs also trigger emotions of happiness, sadness, love, calmness and others. It’s like music knows how to control our brains.

All of us experience almost all kinds of emotions at some point in our lives. And when a song connects with that, we remember that song with that emotion.

Memories attached with the song

Our mood/feelings at the time we first heard a song get attached with that song and whenever we hear that song again in the future, we will feel those same feelings again. This also happens when we are going through some strong emotions of joy/sorrow, songs we hear at that time get attached with that song, and we will clearly remember those memories whenever we hear that song again in the future.

If you also feel this phenomenon, you can actually use that to your advantage. Whenever you want to feel a certain emotion, you just need to play that song which triggers that emotion. It’s like a switch - you turn the switch on(i.e. start listening to a song), and you can feel emotions attached to that song.

I find the above phenomenon somewhat weird. I was unknowingly experiencing that phenomenon from the start, but when I noticed it, I couldn’t unsee it. I am genuinely curious to know more about it - if any of you also feel this, please email me your thoughts to my email

One reason behind this can be the lyrics of the song we’re listening to.


Sometimes, we fall in love with the lyrics of a song more than the music part. Lyrics can compress a huge amount of emotions & feelings in a couple of lines.

Writers of the song have the rare skill of cleverly using rhyming words to convey a particular message or emotion - that’s a pure form of art, and we like it.

If you notice, our thoughts are essentially words only. We need “language” to express literally everything. And when those words are combined with the rhythm of the singer, it becomes something magical.

Let me know your favorite songs or your thoughts on music via email