Adaptability is becoming super crucial to stay relevant in this world, especially after the COVID-19 era. We all need to constantly learn new things and be comfortable with the new reality.

A simple definition of adaptability can be “The ability to accept and respond to changing work situations and environments.”. The need for adaptability arises as the world is constantly changing. The rate of change may differ from generation to generation, but we can’t stay the same forever. We need to adapt to the new reality, willingly or unwillingly.

We need to break our existing beliefs to create the new ones. And if you are trying to get out of your comfort zone to achieve bigger things, then it will be even more crucial for you to adapt to new things.

Change is the only constant thing

Because of the technological evolution and the rise of internet & mobile, it feels like society is moving faster than ever. And I think it’s going to move at an even faster rate in the future, as technology is only going to improve.

And as we grow older in life, more responsibility will fall on our shoulders and to tackle that effectively, again a change will be required. More people will be in our touch, and we will be losing some of them along our journey. And a thing about growing old is, there’s no specific right answer to almost all questions we face. Everyone behaves in their own way and according to their own thinking.

Anyway, to summarize - we can’t let ourselves get used to any one thing, as most likely it’s going to change someday in the future.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. - Albert Einstein

Rightly said. It requires some grey matter to bend our brain to adapt to the new reality. Adaptability is intelligence.

Then the question comes, why do we need to adapt? - to stay relevant.

Survival of the fittest

It’s a harsh reality! If we don’t adapt to the new reality and if we don’t change ourselves in this ever-changing world, we will not be relevant anymore.

It’s like, the world is going ahead at a 5 kmph speed and if you are going at 2 kmph speed, effectively you’re going backwards at a 3 kmph speed. And sometime in future, you will be so behind, that you won’t be relevant anymore.

That’s why, we need to always grow in our life to stay relevant in this world. It’s like the “Survival of the fittest” theory of Charles Darwin. Only the people who can adapt to the new realities will survive in this world.