July 08, 2021

Reel Life

Most of the time, whatever we see on social media, is just one side of the coin. Almost everyone will only share their positive or joyful moments of life. No one is going to share their ongoing family troubles or relationship tensions to others. Let’s explore this “reel life” in this post.

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June 19, 2021

The Gray Zone

The goal of this post is to realize the fact that almost everything in life is not either good or bad. Seeing the world binary i.e. either good or bad, does not show the entire perspective.

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June 12, 2021

Meaning of Life

Life is finite, as everyone knows. And in this finite amount of time we have got in this world, what should we work on? With whom we should spend our precious time? Answers to these are mostly subjective, there is no right or wrong answer, but let’s try to think about it.

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May 23, 2021

Are we living in a Simulation?

Are we living in a Simulation? Is there someone who has programmed rules which govern our universe? Answers to these questions are most likely not possible to get in our very tiny(relative to the cosmic scale) lifetime of ~80-100 years. At this point in time, it’s all about the probabilities that something is true or not.

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April 16, 2021

Freedom vs. Equality

Our society runs on Capitalism. Private or corporate ownerships strive for maximizing profits by serving customers better than their competitors. They do this by constant innovation and competing against others to make their products/services better & better in a free and open market.

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April 15, 2021

The Next Big Technological Wave

In 2021, almost all massively big and profitable businesses/companies in the world are internet companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Facebook.

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